The 5 Best Pitch Deck Templates by Startup Basecamp Innovation Lab

Are you seeking to boost your startup pitch deck?

With more than 7 years in Silicon Valley taking part in more than 750+ Pitches, we were able to identify and collect the most efficient Silicon Valley style pitch templates to help you craft the perfect deck. 

Save your time and avoid headaches by using our templates to boost your pitch deck.
Take advantage of the tools that the best Silicon Valley founders are using to present their pitch to investors.
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The 5 Best Pitch Deck Templates

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After 7+ years in Silicon Valley and working with more than 3,000 founders from 85+ countries, we noticed the same pitching challenges:

  • Building a startup pitch deck takes, on average, 80 HOURS.
  • Time and resources for founders are ALWAYS LIMITED.
  • The multiplicity of tools and resources available is CONFUSING.
  • Learning the design, format, and structure of a proper Silicon Valley Style pitch deck takes TIME and PRACTICE.
  • Building a compelling story to catch the eye of an audience is CHALLENGING.
Using our experience, we decided to offer a series of 5 templates and advice that will help you build your Startup pitch deck to the Silicon Valley’s level. Our team is currently working on several initiatives that will bring the best of Silicon Valley to your home office. Stay tuned for new updates and opportunities.

Build a winning pitch deck. Don’t miss your chance when meetings with investors.

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